Mobile doesn't cache unions

On iPad Air 1 (and 2) the client doesn’t seem to cache unions. In studio I have on union that I clone multiple times, which means it’s uploaded to roblox servers and stored there:

I have two ideas:

A: Even though I cloned the same union each instance of it may be uploaded separately (in this case just check have studio check for redundancy when uploading online)

B: The client simply loads each union (of the same kind/type/build/whatever) separately. If it’s the same union can’t you just cache it if it’s going to be shown again?

I noticed this in my Grand Mall of Robloxia 2 place. I have these pillars and store parts that are unions. They are the same union just cloned (I didn’t solve them again or anything when I needed another of the same union). When I load on the iPad Air 1 I see the first few pillars load, then I lag as the rest of the pillars load and the game crashes.

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I noticed this as well while testing a lobby I’m developing.

Can you post a link to the game where this happens?