Mobile emulator keyboard empty

  • Detailed description of bug;

When using the device emulator in studio, when testing mobile support textboxes pull up a seemingly empty mobile keyboard which does not detect input.

  • Where the bug happens (be specific);

This bug happens in studio after triggering a textbox on the mobile emulator

  • When it started happening;

I first noticed this bug today however I have no evidence to suggest this has not occurred in the past.

  • Screenshots and videos of the bug;

  • Steps to reproduce the issue (be minimal, specific, consistent!);

The simplest way to reproduce I believe is joining any place on the emulator in studio and opening the chat text box.

Troop Placing Simulator Test Realm - Roblox - Place where problem identified.

This is intentional. You can use your keyboard to type text in. This behavior has been like this since the start of the emulator and I suspect it will remain so - this is to demonstrate that a keyboard will appear when typing in TextBoxes, and it would be too difficult to support every type of mobile keyboard out there.


While this is most likely the case, there is no harm in improving emulator behaviour and I feel the more accurate it is to the real device the better, I would also argue that since its undocumented and provides a very weird interface it is still a bug. Perhaps a feature request would have been more appropriate but for now I feel it can fit in either category.

Roblox Studio should emulate whatever is relevant to game play – not the entire host OS. You cannot capture events or read out information from the on-screen keyboard, it is only relevant for UI placement which the current emulator already satisfies.