Mobile Exploiting/Hacking

Ok so, some days ago by using an social media app i seen an video about roblox and happymod. And i meet a lot of roblox ussers which Use this mod.

Sometimes this ussers are very annoying, did roblox can detect them?

*i still learning english

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:wave: Hello!
Unfortunately, the actual detection of software such as happymod is up to Roblox themselves.

What you as a developer can do, it take measures to insert simple anti expoit scripts into your game.

Here’s my personal recommendation if you’re not that into programming: Octagon - Modular server sided anti exploit

And if you know your way around Roblox Lua:

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Just a side note; If you want to propely utilize Octagon and make use of the features it provides, then you need to know your way around Luau properly. However, any beginner can easily use both of the anti exploits provided they won’t do much.