Mobile Game Support Toolbar


Would a custom toolbar make it easier for mobile players especially if they have like more than 3 tools concurrently? I find it extremely annoying on mobile to take like 10 seconds to equip an item in my players inventory on mobile. Also on Mobile I have this issue where if you have a weapon out, and anywhere you press on the screen the gun will fire unfortunately. How would I go about fixing this…

I suppose the gun script is triggered by a mouse click so the mobile client is triggering on a screen tap. How would you expect it to be triggered otherwise? If it didn’t do this it wouldn’t shoot at all on mobile.

To fix it, you would have to decide how you want it to fire on mobile and disable the mouseclick trigger for mobile clients and use your alternate trigger(a screengui fire button?)

maybe have a special gui that only shows up when on mobile, like a box for firing weapons.
Also yeah have a custom inventory, it helps the players.

Maybe you could use this to help you make your custom mobile backback:
His sample gui has 12 slots but you could probably modify it to 5 or 6 for mobile.