Mobile GUI moves

Dear Devforum,
I have recently made a GUI on one of my games, and am seeing it align perfectly on PC, but mobile is a whole new story. I have recently tried to run centering functions yet it always sinks to the bottom. Please help me, put Q&Qs below. -Lukas

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Are you using Scale or Offset to position the GUI?
You may know about UDim2 or not, but you didn’t give much about how you positioned the GUI so here’s a link to that section of the wiki.


You can use the studio’s built in Emulator to get a view of what it’ll look like on a mobile device.
As for scaling, I generally only use Scale to position and size the GUIs, as offset doesn’t account for screen-size.

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Set the UI’s anchor point to 0.5, 0.5 then set position to {0.5, 0. 0.5, 0}

Reposted because I replied to the wrong person.