Mobile in-game Topbar appears to be missing

The Issue
As a Roblox developer and user, it is currently hard for me to access my inventory, chat, and even leave in-game. I’ve noticed a bug when I joined Doomspire Brickbattles, the bug goes like this, everytime I join a game, the in-game topbar appears to be missing, which resulted me at times, to be hard to play the game, as most of the weapons are required to be obtain by pressing the inventory icon.
This is also made it difficult for me to close the chat when I don’t need to chat people in a server, as the ‘chat icon’ is also gone, along with the ability to leave the game which required for me to closethe Roblox app, and get back It back on just to return to the menu.

When and How?
-11:26 PM Philippine Time, Thursday, August 4, 2020
-This occurs, for my experience, when I join a game, the bug occurs not that often, but at times, it also happens.

-Apple Iphone XS Max


Notice the in-game topbar appears to be missing

If Roblox could address this issue, it would be a great help and this would greatly contribute for the experience of newer users to have good accessibility in-game, along with accessing the inventory, chat, add a friend, or leave a game, along with older users, and this would remove such inconvenience when playing a game.


This bug has risen from the dead for PC. The entirety of the Roblox client is officially destroyed on PC; currently all games are unplayable and all scripts do not run. This includes;

  1. Core scripts
  2. Client sided scripts
  3. UI loading
  4. Much more bugs and errors

This sadly also broke the F9 console due to CoreScripts not loading, so the error cannot even be pinpointed.

Checking your localappdata for Roblox’s logs also do not show any alarming crashes or errors, this is a silent error.

Examples of this bug occurring;

Edit: This does not affect Roblox Studio ( thankfully )!

Edit2: This seems to be a delay in the loading for the Roblox client, it is still ultimately confusing. The GUIs and CoreScripts loaded after a minute or two.


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I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?

I’m no longer experiencing this bug. Thank you.

Alright, we will consider this issue resolved. If it starts happening again please post another bug report so we can look into it.

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