Mobile jump button code has a typo

  JumpButton.Position = isSmallScreen and, jumpButtonSize * -2.25, 1, -jumpButtonSize - 20) or
             -, jumpButtonSize * -2.75, 1, -jumpButtonSize - 120)

Today, the virtual jump button stopped appearing on tablets at the pizza place. I found an error in the TouchJump module on line 53. In the code above, the “-” on the second line causes the jump button to appear off screen. I also visited other mobile games and there was no problem with their jump button. I have no idea why. I have always assumed all mobile games shared the same touch control code but apparently they don’t.

  • The servers you visited could be older (I’m not sure if this actually affects client control scripts?)
  • The servers you visited could have their own control scripts
  • Your own control scripts could be the cause (unlikely?)

This will be fixed with tonight’s update (in 7 hours or so)