Mobile: Movement controls not appearing

On mobile (I’ve tried this on an iPhone and iPad), I found a strange bug on my game Heist that has resulted in many dislikes and confusion. Players were loading into the game and their movement controls were not showing up. I’ve tested this issue in multiple ways, check if ModalEnabled was at the appropriate setting, and even tampered with the CoreGui until I conducted one test that finally revealed the cause of this bug. It appears that having CharacterAutoLoads to false will cause (once LoadCharacter() is called) the thumbstick and jump button to disappear. Try it here and see if you are experiencing the same bug. (5 sec character spawn delay, but any delay seems to make this occur):

If this is, for whatever reason, intended, is there a workaround?

EDIT: It appears that the modals do come back after you respawn, but not the first time a player spawns in this way.

Since you can get them back from respawning, a hacky way of fixing this is to call :LoadCharacter() right after the character spawns in the first time.

Im experiencing this still, seems like it hasn’t been fixed and its really negatively affecting player experiences in my game.

Also happens on tablet.