Mobile Panning Doesnt Work After Pressing Image Button

I am attempting to create a gun that works on mobile. In order to do so I need a shoot button for the first person mode. The issue I am having is that image buttons do not allow the user to pan after they press down on it. This means for a full auto weapon you are just shooting in one direction and cannot adjust your aim while shooting.

In the first GIF, the white box is an image button and the green box in an image label. I want to get the image label panning behavior, while still having the MouseButtonDown functionality of an image button. Anyone have an idea as to how this could be achieved?

GIF Testing GUI Behavior (On Iphone X)

I have tried using a ContextActionService button and I get the same behavior as an ImageButton. (Likely because it is literally just an image button)

Here is an example of what I am talking about when I mean shooting and panning. In the gif below I am pressing down on a button but I can still pan my camera with the same finger I used to press the button.

Behavior I am trying to achieve (On Iphone X)

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Using the .InputBegan on an ImageLabel looks like it is going to work. Pretty roundabout way and specifically using a component designed not to be a button but if it works, it works :sweat_smile:

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