Mobile sprint glitch

I have a mobile rechargeable sprint button and when I spam it I get faster and faster how do I make it when it says constant speed if I press it cuz it bugs and u get super fast if u spam it

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Sending screenshots of the script and recording the bug will greatly increase your odds of getting help.

Yea sorry my bad but here u go as u see the more u spam the sprint button for mobile only u get faster and faster the more u spam

It’s because of the multiplier, humanoid.Walkspeed = humanoid.walkspeed * 1.6. Have the sprint function set the walkspeed to a higher number rather than multiply it.

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Set humanoid speed to something like 20 while sprinting. Don’t multiply it.

also next time try to send the script formatted here and not a photo from your phone.
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Also, better to use a remote event and change the speed through the server. Remember to absolutely never believe the client.