Mobile Thumb-stick doesn't work

First off, I’m not even sure this is a script error, because I didn’t edit any scripts.
So my error is that the mobile joystick/thumbstick doesn’t work, not like it doesn’t move the player, like it doesn’t move whatsoever. It seems like its stuck in place. It doesn’t react to any touch que. It started happening after my Roblox updated yesterday.
BTW can you have too many UI’s??? Because my game is only UI.


I found out it has to do with there being too many GUI’s… And well… Thats a problem for an only Gui game… Is this a bug or is there a limit?

I play mobile in games and a lot of shooters it aims in my joystick not where I tap. I to have realized guis make it hard to move with joystick!

See how my joystick is touching the gui

So can I make some of them not selectable to fix it?

Yes! I have done it many times!

Wait… Thats not the issue tho. The issue is that you cant use the Thumbstick. It’s frozen in place.

A screenshot please? I need to see.

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I can screenshot, it just doesnt move. You know how when you move your finger it follows? It doesn’t.

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If there is a GUI that is on the same position and instead of Visible set to false, the Transparency is set to 1 (of the elements inside), I think it’s possible that the thumb-stick won’t be movable at all. Not sure though, correct me if I am wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yea… Its too many UI… If i make their visibility false it works

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Why not do that then? You could resize the UIs such that they can fit on mobile too? For example leave a space out where no UIs should be (thumb-stick and jump button).

Because its an all GUI game. It requires them.

I guess I cant make it mobile… Cuz Roblox is broken like that…