Mobile UI Feedback

Need feedback on my mobile UI, what can I change/do differently, does it look good, is it too big/small, is it positioned weird, etc.

If it doesn’t look good, etc. could you guys help me layout the UI. etc.


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It seems like mobile support was an after thought due to how many movement mechanics there are. I would use icons that communicate what something does instead of using text.

The movement mechanics could be change to have less buttons. For example, the high jump could work when the player holds down the jump button for a certain amount of time opposed to simply tapping it. The long jump, maybe, could be based on edges of platforms… not too sure. I think the camera view button could either go in a pause menu of sorts or near the top of the screen.

Many of the buttons on the left of the screen could be condensed into a pause menu.

Much of the text is hard to read because of a gradient.

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This mobile UI looks great! The Adrenaline Color does overlap the jump button just a small amount, and I think the buttons on the bottom left should be bigger. Otherwise, nice job on this!

it looks like, a lot. maybe try to replace some buttons with certain gestures instead?
Also don’t put buttons in the joystick area, because those buttons cannot be clicked because the joystick will get activated instead.

So I recommend you move the buttons in the joystick area a bit upwards.
That’s all, looks great!

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Actually, the buttons on the bottom left work just fine lol

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Thanks for your input, this Is why I find mobile really hard to implement because theres different device sizes, etc. It might look fine on a tablet but might not on a phone. I know its cluttered, etc. Theres actually way more movement mechanics, theres wallrun, wall kick and wallclimb but they all work with the jump button. Im not a very good artist so thats why I opted for text instead of images.

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Hello there! :wave:

Here are a few things I disliked and liked about the UI. This feedback is honest throughout the whole thing, hope this helps you improve.

  • Adrenaline Colour button seems close to the jump button, recommending to move it somewhere else.

  • Some of the text I see hasn’t been scaled properly, however. It is fine and doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

  • UI coloring looks amazing and doesn’t need changing at all, the rest of the UI is fine. You did an amazing job!