Mobile update: Thumbs down is the down arrow, but it turns green? Please change it to red

I’m a bit confused by this update and I bet many others are as well.
When attempting to dislike a game, I was greeted with a green highlight when I clicked the down arrow. Naturally, this confused me (since it’s usually likes on the left) and I wasn’t sure whether or not I had liked or disliked the game.

My simple request is, if the game is thumbed down, for the arrow to highlight red so that it is blatantly obvious I’m thumbing down the game.


Interesting… What happens if you press the up arrow? Does it also go green?


Besides the confusing color, which is most likely a bug, I find it quite confusing how the “Like ratio” bar is now interacted with through non-descriptive arrows. The thumbs up and thumbs down symbols are universal and still used to display the meaning of the bar, so why were the buttons changed to generic arrows?

Most if not all platforms use either a direct thumbs up/down system or allow players to place a review with a 1-to-5 star score. If the design is moving to a percentage-score like the one included in the new design (" 75% of players vote positively for this game ") the arrow buttons are misleading as they make it appear as if the player can directly lower or raise the percentage.


It is also green.