Mobile Videos Randomly Pause and Mobile audio

When I watch a video on mobile, it will randomly pause then I have to unpause it. It happens with audio too. Exact same thing, pausing then having to unpause.

  • While watching a video on mobile on the DevForum, your video will begin to randomly pause. You then have to unpause it which is really annoying. It only happens on the app.
    It started happening to me January 29th 10:00PM EST
  • My video was too big so I shall do screenshots of the video.

Not fake

If you look in top right you can see the screen recording thing.

  • Steps to reproduce the bug
    1. Get on a mobile device
    2. Find a post/topic with a video on the forum.
    4. Enter full screen
    3. Attempt to watch the video, it should randomly pause

Have you tried using another app? I don’t know anyone who accesses DevForum from the Roblox app.


This has also happened to me before, for whatever reason videos just do not play on mobile.

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Could you provide device specs and what browser you’re viewing the forum on?

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I used to do so, until I realised it is an inconsistent method of opening the forums

He is using the roblox app to use the forum on


Doesn’t happen to me on mobile web app. If you want an easily accessible app that doesn’t have this problem, you can go to the DevForum on Chrome and hit the three dots, then press “Install App” and you’ll have it

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It could have been a Discourse bug that Discourse fixed.

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