Mobile way to press F9

Is there a mobile way to press F9 on mobile or a similar version. I want to allow testers to test the game on mobile and provide feedback with the error log while pressing F9… Keep in mind they are not devs, only testers! Thanks!


pretty sure /console is a chat command

edit: yes it is


i actually learned something useful on this forum, thank you dude.


Thats funny, I didn’t know you could press F9 to get to /console

I just always type /console, easier for me to remember, idk why.


Hello, in case you haven’t noticed, it can be difficult in some games to use /console in the chat because there are chats where you have to be next to the person for them to see the message, otherwise they don’t see it, and you can’t type /console, which can be a difficulty.

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-- Why would that make a difference at all, the chat box is still there in the same place.


No, because that corresponds to the function of the chat and the way it would have been modified if one were to go on a chat that doesn’t have the history of recent messages. It’s because it has been modified and in general, we can’t use “/console”. I myself have tested the experience, it depends on the chat like in the photo.


The Developer Console is also accessible via a button within the Settings as far as I’m aware. Along with the /console command.

Yes, but there are games where you cannot access /console through the chat because the creator has modified the chat or prevented the use of /console, which can be frustrating on mobile. However, on PC, to counter this, you can press F9.

-- you literally can just use /console here though, it’s the same chat box only with the message area hidden. have you actually, tried using the command??