#Mocha | Training Guide


If a trainee gets 3 strikes, they are deemed as failed and need to be kicked by a Intern+. A trainee can get a strike by not using grammar or not using grammar correctly, getting a trivia question wrong etc.

REMEMBER: You can give them a point by saying: /name (user) I/V etc.


You will be giving the trainees information about the cafe, what to do, what not to do, how to do their job etc.

When the HR has read the rules, the HR will ask you to lead your group to the station that you are assigned to be trained to.

After, they are to be behind the cash registers, while you are standing at the front giving rules.

Copy and paste the information below:

First off, introduce yourself. (Copy and paste and say the information in bold.)

Hello there! Welcome to #Mocha Trainings! My name is (name) and I’ll be training you all today! Any questions before we begin?

In this training, I will go over some key information. Then I will provide you with 5 trivia questions, 5 orders to complete and a troll test so listen very carefully.

If you wish, you may write down this information on a notebook but I can’t repeat the information once I have said it.

Let’s begin!

Your job at the cafe as a Barista, is to serve drinks and ensure your customers are satisfied with your service.

You should be listening to their order carefully to ensure that you don’t accidentally give them a wrong order.

Don’t worry too much if you do, make sure you do correct their order by giving them the food / drink they would like!

What you shouldn’t be doing at the cafe:

Trolling, speaking in all caps, being rude to customers and being rude to your superiors, spamming cups and food items to people etc.

If you are caught doing any of these things listed above, you may be demoted from your LR job and banned from the game. Be wise and use common sense.

What you should be doing at the cafe:

Helping customers, using exquisite grammar, assisting MR’s in anyway you can, reporting people who are breaking the rules etc.

If someone is trolling or being rude at your cash register, you should give them a verbal warning such as: "Sir, please stop trolling."

If they continue, then you should call over an MR, if they aren’t in the game, call one on the group wall or discord.

They will then review the chatlogs if they are worthy of being banned. We do NOT use the average warning system. We say something similar to the troller: "Sir / Ma’am, please stop. If they continue, then it’s an instant server ban.

For example, we DON’T say: “W1 | Caps | Aaron” etc.

So no warnings are to be given out! Only tell them to stop and if they continue, call over an MR for them to be banned.

Exploiters are to not receive a verbal warning, call an MR / HR straight away! As they may damage the game or bring destruction.

That’s it for the information, I will now provide you with 5 trivia questions about what I have taught you.



I will now PM you the questions and you must answer to the best of your ability. Cheating or looking up the answers is strictly forbidden.

Any questions before we begin?

Let’s begin!

Please let me know if you didn’t receive the PM and I can resend it to you!

You will now PM (Private Message) the trainees using the :pm command. For example, :pm user1,user2,user3 1. How many warnings do we give trollers? etc.

Remember to include the strike system, if grammar is misplaced or misused, then it’s a strike. It’s the exact same with getting a question incorrect, you strike them and correct them on their mistake.

Trainees are required to get at least 3/5 questions correctly, if not, then they have failed the trivia part of the training. However, they can still pass.

If a Trainee has passed the trivia:

Congratulations! You have passed the trivia stage of the training! Keep up the effort to ensure full confidence in passing!

If a Trainee has failed the trivia:

Unfortunately, you haven’t passed the trivia stage of the training. However, don’t feel discouraged as you can always still pass at another session!


We will now be moving onto orders.

I will be saying 5 orders and you must make the correct order. They will gradually become more difficult as we go on.

Does anybody have any questions before we begin?

Let’s begin!

Now say an order 1 at a time and then when everybody is finished, go through their completed orders 1 by 1 and ensure it is correct.

Remember, 3 orders wrong and they fail.

If order is incorrect:

Apologies, but the order you gave me wasn’t correct. The correct order was (correct order). Please don’t feel discouraged as you can always attend another session!

If order is correct:

Congratulations! The order you gave me was correct! You will now receive a point! Keep up the effort!

Remember, you can give them a point by saying: /name (user) I/V etc.

Repeat until 5 orders have been given, if they have 2 orders correct or below, they have failed and can be dismissed from the session. If 3 orders correct or higher, then they may carry on to the last section of the training, the troll test.


Congratulations for making it this far, everybody! We will now be moving onto the last section of the training. The troll test.

I will be pretending to be a troller and you have to deal with the disruptive behaviour in the correct way.

Please prepare your greeting for copy and pasting when I come up to your register.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not take anything that I say seriously as this is just a test as to what you would do in this sort of situation.

Are there any questions before we begin?

Let’s begin!

You can switch to a troller costume if you’d like to add a bit more realism, but it’s optional!

Now pretend to act like a troller, a correct way of dealing with this situation would be:

“Sir / Ma’am, please stop.” Or something similar.

They must give you a chance, they cannot say -Calls admin- straight away. They must say stop and then wait for a bit to see if you change your behaviour.

After a few more moments of trolling, they must say: -Calls admin- or something similar for them to be banned from the server.

If they tolerate more than they should, don’t use correct grammar or deal with it incorrectly, then you need to give strikes.

Okay, thank you everyone! Please give me a moment to determine everybody’s results!


To determine someone’s results, you must add up their scores:

For example:

They require to have AT LEAST 3/5 questions correct on trivia.
They require to have AT LEAST 3/5 orders correct.
The troll test must be partially successful, for example, if some silly mistakes were made, such as: a small mistake on grammar etc they can still pass.

Be sure to remove the people who have failed first by saying:

Unfortunately, you didn’t pass this session today, apologies. Please don’t feel discouraged as you can always try again next session!

When the people who have failed have been removed from the game, you may say to the remaining people:

Congratulations! You have passed the training session today! Please follow me to be ranked up, well done!

You must then take them to an HR to be ranked.

Congratulations! You’ve completed a training as a trainer!


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