Mock Purchases in Studio!


Many of you have expressed how tired you are of spending your own robux to test purchases and your games. Starting today, you won’t be charged for in-game purchases made in Studio. These purchases will not show up on the website because they don’t actually occur: they are simulated in Studio only. This should make it much easier to verify that your games handle asset and developer product purchases correctly.

One of the benefits of this change is that you can now test purchases by starting a local server with few players instead of having to publish to a live game.

The game engine will simulate that a purchase has occurred, meaning

  • Purchasing an asset will cause the MarketplaceService.PromptPurchaseFinished event to fire
  • Purchasing a developer product will cause the MarketplaceService.ProcessReceipt callback to be invoked
  • MarketplaceService:PlayerOwnsAsset will return true if the player mock purchased the asset

Note that mock purchases will not persist between Studio sessions. Also note that GamePassService::PlayerHasPass(player, gamePassId) and BadgeService::UserHasBadge(userId, badgeId) may not return the correct values in case of mock purchases; this will be remedied in a future update.

Let me know what you think!


I think you just saved a lot of us time and robux! Thanks


Awesome! This was one of the features I was most looking forward to.

Idea for future update: Allow some way to do mock purchases in-game for people that have edit permissions for the place. Some issues may only occur and be observed when there’s a lot of things going on in the place (mainly imagining lack of datastore requests)


I’m crying tears of joy :joy_cat:


Yes, finally! :slight_smile:
We can finally test purchases to your hearts content!

######I spent quite a lot testing this thing before. :c


Right as I begin working on a rewrite of my game. Thank you so much this will save me thousands of ROBUX!


About time. Thank you!