Moddable Roblox Game; Garry's Mod: Roblox Edition

The Addon API
Users will be able to upload their own addons (models) and will be able to use it ingame

Currently, users can upload models without scripts/localscripts/modulescripts to any multiplayer instance of my game. Inside the singleplayer experience though they can use whatever model they want because its singleplayer and who cares.

Of course this may change in the future but right now I want to see how the community does with this.


Looks pretty nice.

  1. The color gradient on the SAVE, SPAWN, REFRESH, SAVED and UPLOAD should be changed. It’s a bit distracting and not easy to the eyes.
  2. The inventory boxes should be a little bit lower. Leave a little bit of space on each end, top down and both sides.

Otherwise, this is a pretty good game! I can’t wait for updates so make sure to keep me in the loop! Good work.

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