Modded and Improved EasyFirstPerson test

Due to File Size Limit Error i’ll upload to Youtube instead

This was created by @yelowfat and heavily Modified by thienbao2109
The difference is bouncy and Springs when jumped or sway!

Script itself was originally Mixed with FE Gun kit Viewmodel script and EasyFirstPerson

NOTE: “bluric_64bit” is my main account
i use this acc to associate with people because roblox allows you one acc per gmail only


hello i have a question how do you made the thing with the arm to follow the body and where you look when you are olding a gun? if you have a tutorial could be cool

maybe she using this:
Realism — Make your games feel more immersive! - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

looks cool, you might wanna animate a slow pulling in gun animation

I’m not sure if this is the one your looking for but here it is.