Model-Cleaner V2


Do you want to use a free model but you are afraid of it infecting your game?
I’ve made this plugin for exactly that case.
This is not an anti-virus plugin. It deletes everything that you select to clean from the model.

How do I use it?

First, get the plugin at Model-Cleaner V2 - Roblox.
After you are done with that, open studio and go to “Plugins” at the top.
You should be able to see Model-Cleaner now.
Simply click on it and a GUI should open.

Now, all you have to do is select a model, click on the textbuttons you want it to clean and click “Clean”.
You can see how many items there are left to clean in the output.
As you can see, this can check 4000 items in about 4 seconds, I’d say that’s pretty fast (30 objects per heartbeat).
After you clean something, you can’t revert the things cleaned with CTRL + Z. You have to use the revert button. You can only revert your last clean.


I will definitely use this for when I’m trying to use models from the tool box for animations. There is a few things i would suggest though.

  • Being able to cancel scan (if possible)

  • Being able to clean a model/folder without naming it “Clean-Model”

And idk if this counts as a bug or glitch, but when you delete the model that is in the process of being cleaned it still “cleans” it. And it also restarted to the number of parts it had. But still a good plugin in my opinion.


That’s definately a bug, thank you!

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Update: Made it so it’s cancellable if it’s running and you click the GuiButton again.
Don’t forget to update your plugin to make the update work. :slight_smile:

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Fixed that bug. Now it will print “Model got deleted” and stop scanning if it gets deleted. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Remember to update the plugin to make the update work. :slight_smile:

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I suggest you could use the Selection service to get which models the user is selecting in the explorer. So the user dont have to rename the model. It would be better if you do that.

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Thank you for your suggestion!

I made it so you can simply select the model/folder/parent that you want to clean and click the pluginButton, as you said. This is much faster now, as you don’t have to name it “Clean-Model”.

Note that if you select multiple parts/folders/parents, only the first one will get cleaned so I recommend putting them in a folder/grouping them together.

Remember to update the plugin to make the update work. :slight_smile:

Edit: Made it so it doesn’t print out the full number, it’s pretty annoying if it prints something like 4,0325235235235 seconds, I made it so it prints the first 3 digits instead.

Minor Performance Improvements. :white_check_mark:

Remember to update the plugin to make the update work. :slight_smile:

How about we can select the items to clean from a model. Let’s say that it was free scripting model, and we only wanted to clean Camera for example.


Big Update

I edited the post.

GUI Added :white_check_mark:
Performance improvements :white_check_mark:
Selecting what you want cleaned :white_check_mark:

Thanks for the suggestion, @R0bl0x10501050, even if this is a little late.

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Reverting is now out!
You can only revert your last clean though.

Very cool!

If needed I could design a nice icon for your plugin, because to be honest, it’s not the best.

Just contact me, I’d be able to make everything for free.

[ Here or on discord:
felix1herrab#4413 ]

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