Model Feedback on Tractor

I’m currently working on a tractor model and I’m planning to sell it to a pretty big tractor game. Now I was wondering if I am on the right track with the model. It’s gonna be a International 1466 Turbo.(ofcourse ima leave the brand away.) Now the whole build build is made in roblox studio. The tires are the only objects made in blender but will be replaced later on. Some feedback on my creation would be appreichiated. If you wonder: Why does the screenshot say Spek_pannenkoek at the top-right? It’s because studios is bugged on my main acc so I work on an alt.

Its a amazing design but to make it more attracted by Roblox players you could make other random diffirent types of tractors to make the community impressed with your work.


I’m building more older types of tractors because they are overall more easier to make without blender. I’m am also making this type of tractor because it fits the style of the other game to that also uses older types of tractors.

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This tractor model looks good, nice job on it!

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