Model flipping over when being spawned

I am making a vehicle spawner. When I spawn a vehicle it automatically flips over (as shown here). I am not sure what to do here and I have been unable to find any similar issues. The model is being cloned from ServerStorage and then parented to a folder in the workspace. Then its primary part is being set to the position of the spawn pad as well as being rotated 180 degrees (depending on the pad). Nothing else happens to the model.

What controls the vehicle? Does it have a BodyGyro in it?

When you ‘rotate it 180 degrees’ are you sure you’re rotating it the right direction? Since you are spawning it in, then rotating it it appears that’s what is happening, it just isn’t rotating the way you are expecting.

From the video it looks like you are just spawning in a mostly CanCollide off model which is falling to the spawn pad and then flipping because its center of Mass is above the CanCollide part that is hitting the spawn pad.

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I solved it by lowering the model spawn closer to the ground. It was due to the main body of the plane not being can collide. In the future, I am going to have to add some landing gears as it still very easily flips.