Model " forgets " SurfaceInputs and Constraintdetails after save-to-ROBLOX

It became aware to me when you save a part to ROBLOX then henceforward place it into your game, the model’s " forgets " the Surfaceinputs and ConstraintDetails.

The model on the left is created in-game, the model on the right is the same model but saved to Roblox and placed in-game.

Now watch what happens;

Steps to reproduce;
Create a model wherein there are Surfaceinputs and or Constraintdetails. Save the model to ROBLOX and re-insert it into the studio.

This happens for me 100% of the time. I’ve opened ROBLOX on Chrome
The bug has been occurring for as long as I can remember.
PC specs;
8.1 Windows
Fabricant; Acer

This is still not fixed, all my models which have surface inputs and constraint detals predating whatever shenanigans it went trough are all broken.