Model has no color when imported to roblox

Hello everyone,

I am making a game and for placeholder blocks I have found some models online which I’d like to use. The problem arises that even though I can see the model having colors in blender when its imported to roblox its just a grey model.

I have absolutely no clue as to how this happened as I mostly look at the scripting side of game and I get the maps modeled. But after looking at resources online many have suggested to use UV mapping to lay out the texture and then export it as a png and put that on the model. But when I do that I just get it mapped on a transparent background with no color.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or do I have to do this via another method? Any of your help will be appreciated!

I’m not good at texturing but, I don’t think colors can export to Studio.
Reupload the color palette as a image is my best solution. Just gotta mess around with the UV editor.

Could you help me with a lil knowledge on how to do that? I have absolutely no clue on how modeling works, I am just trying to get this model as a solution for some time.

Anyone has any clue as to what could be the problem?

Upload the texture as a Image on the website. In the Model (Mesh) you should see a property named ‘Texture’. Input the image id and the textures should load in if every thing was done correct

This might help you :

I dont have the texture thats the problem, and neither do I know how to get it from the model as I have never tried to model items before.

so… how did you color it…? to texture a mesh you’d usually place uv maps over images but i dont even know what you’re doing so i can’t help you right now

Bake your textures, there’s plenty of tutorials on youtube how to make that, if you want i can help you with that

probably he used blender materials, that’s why when he imports model there no colors

Hey, thanks for the help. I didnt model the item, its just taken from online resources and nor do I know how to model even a bit. But anyways someone helped me out with coloring it as its only a few basic color and make a texture image for it.

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