Model is behaving wierdly

Hello, I’ve got this dropship here.
Inside of it there is a part which a BodyGyro and a BodyPosition are parented.
The code in a serverscript welds all the parts in the model to this part that has the BodyGyro and BodyPosition. Then the whole model is unanchored(It’s anchored previously).

What happens now is this:
As soon as the ship comes into contact with different objects it will move wierdly back n forth, as if its being pushed, or a part or something is colliding with it:

After maybe 15-20 Seconds, it goes back to normal, where you can stand on it and it wont be moving wierdly.

I’ve used this script on other models and it works perfectly. This model includes Unions and BaseParts with meshes inside them.

Any idea on how to fix?

This is what happens if I run the game and the script performs its function.

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Try to weld parts. Using moon animator

I tried manually welding. Same Problem still exists

Try to change material to plastic might help.

How heavy (Density) are the Parts and Unions in your ship?
You say you’ve used this in other Models, but have they been smaller ones?
The reason I ask is the Forces in your BodyGyro and BodyPosition may not be strong enough to keep the ship stable if the Model is too heavy.
Have you tried increasing the Forces in the BodyGyro and BodyPosition, or making all the Parts in your ship less dense?

Currently the forces are set to math.huge.
I have used this script on models that are significantly larger (Full interior starships)

It’s on metal right now, I changed it to plastic. The problem still exists.

Just try setting all Parts in the model to Massless to see what happens.

Hello! Thanks for responding. Turns out the massless did not help, but while doing so I noticed the property CollisionFidelity which was set to Box. I changed it to default and now it works perfectly. Thanks for your suggestions!

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