Model not scaling correctly

when i try to make my model taller/ longer, it sizes up all the other axis aswell,
how do i get this result :assistance required

without loosing the motor6ds

You can’t resize just one axis of an entire model. You need to do each Part separately.
The other issue, are the arms Unions or Meshes?
If they’re Unions they won’t resize on one axis either, only Meshes will do that.

whenever i try and resizing it individually, the motor6ds get destroyed, and i dont want that

Because Motor6Ds are welds and you can’t resize/move welds without them breaking.
Unless maybe there is a Plugin that’ll do that? Maybe have a look for one.

Yeah, I’d recommend this plugin. Scale them to how you want and connect the welds back with this plugin.

Make sure you select Create Joint

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the person who took the photo said – I created the view model by adjusting the scale properties of my character for skinnier arms, creating a copy of it, and then removing everything inside except for the arms, the upper torso, and the head (and the connecting joints). I then made sure that the parts were all set to smooth plastic and the head and upper torso had their transparency set to 1 . The only part that is anchored is the head which will allow us to accurately set the CFrame later.

Ok, so you need to connect the joints using the plugin I sent you