Model Not Showing In Studio

Hello, I am having trouble importing my Blender model into studio. It says “inf,inf,inf” which I have no clue what it means or do. When I click Import it doesn’t show my building I have made in Blender. Please let me know what I may be doing incorrectly, thanks.

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I think its when theres a mesh that doesn’t actually have any faces in it or something. Try searching for any meshes inside of blender that are empty/nothing then delete those.

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How can I search for them? And How can I tell?

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This is a guess from the information I can see, but from the looks of it there’s something in the file that you didn’t mean to import in. (Guessing this from the fact that there is model data, but the dimensions are infinite.)

Try exporting the model again, but this time selecting only what you want to export in the object editor (assuming you are doing this in Blender), then selecting “Limit to - Selected Only”

Images for clarity

(Only selecting the models you want to export - it may be a bit of a hassle if there’s a lot of smaller models, but ensures you are only exporting what you want to.)


Okay so I found the problem. The issue was the materials. Once I removed all materials from each mesh I was able to finally import my build

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