Model Plugins Help

I was wondering, being that I’ve been exploring plugins for a while now, is there any other plugin like buildv4 but it allows you to shift the entire GROUPED MODEL in any direction you choose? Buildv4 only allows you to select and move a singular part at a time or at least that’s what I know, if there’s something different, please let me know!

Buildv4 Demonstration:

I have tried Archimedes but it isn’t really what I am wanting since it only allows you to change one direction of X, Y, & Z at a time.

F3X and Studio Build Suite give me the same results, shown below, along with I haven’t seen any really decent plugins that would fit me for road creation, not the style.

(One side gives me somewhat good results, the other looks completely terrible.)

Anyways, if you know of any plugins, I’d be sure to definitely check them out. I might be utilizing these plugins wrongly and it might have the feature, that’d be great to know too. Thanks.

Hello @Pearielqs!

I highly suggest trying this plugin called Archimedes.

I use this a lot for that kind of stuff.

You just want to get used to it, it works fine for me.

The other side gives worse results because the part isn’t long enough to reach the next segment. You can use Archimedes and then use the scale tool to scale the parts over to the next segment or use the ResizeAlign plugin.