Model resize Plugin 3.0, A rework of the original plugin by DaMrNelson


Years ago I’ve been relying on this plugin to get my models a bit more details by blowing up a rough geometry and shrinking them down. However as updates came in with new instances important for modeling, the plugin hasn’t updated in years to keep up with it. So I decided to take matters to my own hands and got the blessing of the original creator to modify the necessary changes.

The major changes to the plugin are the following

Widget UI
Scales Particle Emitters
Scales Beams
Scales Most Visual Constraints
Scales Lighting (Kinda)
Scales Textures
Scales Trails
Scales Attachments


I recently found out a bug to this simple plugin and wanted to promote it here so I catch more bugs earlier.


Oh dang, a rework of one of my old favourite yet outdated plugins???


I’ll be grabbing this right away because this plugin has always been useful to me.

Yeah sorry if the state of the current plugin is a bit iffy. As I wasn’t the original creator the code is a little unwieldly and unfamiliar to me. There was a weird plugin bug that didn’t allow me to resize by percentage due to something with the handle. It should be fixed now, but I would appreciate it if you guys can catch and errors I looked over.

Also suggest and other instance types it should resize.

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I never used the menu to begin with, I always used the handles so…
It’s good enough for me :grin:

Why does the title say soon to be defunct??

Roblox now has added a feature making this plugin obsolete