Model Scope Plugin


I threw together a plugin that allows you to enter a model, edit it and then exit the model leaving the rest of the game unchanged. I believe it’s a common tool in many programs for 3D modelling.

I’ve made a quick demo which you can watch here.

This plugin does not behave well with team-create.

Ctrl + Alt / Within a model Multi-Selection

I have a few questions:

  • What happens when Studio crashes? Are all the items no longer in the active scope lost, or are they stored somewhere that can be recovered?
  • Are they automatically recovered?
  • Any handling of autosaving in Team Create so you don’t have partial workspaces published to the game?
  • Any input shortcuts (e.g. double middle click) to move through scopes?


If you save the game while a scope is open then when you return at a later time that scope will still be open. The original state is stored in the game so it’s just as simple as closing the scope, no work will be lost.

The plugin does not support team-create, if there is a solution for this I will implement it.

Not just yet, I’m not certain what the standard shortcuts are for this sort of thing.


You could create a Script in ServerScriptService (or tuck it away in Camera/Terrain if you want it hidden) that readjusts the parents whenever the game is run, essentially simulating the user clicking “scope up” until they were at the top level. If the game was ever published, Team Create or not, joining in-game or testing would result in the expected world and structure, while the script would not run in Edit mode.

@Fractality_alt supports similar behavior in Studio Build Suite, so those shortcuts may work if you can figure out how to get them to place nicely with the default selector/other plugins.


The plugin isn’t very useful in team-create since you’ll find that by opening a scope it’ll open for all players and not just yourself. If I can find a way to localize it then I’ll look into this, until then I’d advise not using it with Team-create.


Avoid relying on the assumption that the user has a decent middle mouse button. It can be convenient when it exists, but there should be a reasonable alternative for when it doesn’t.
I’ll see about making a list of selector shortcuts to go by.


This would be so helpful

but it’s too scary


Makes me wish there was some sort of “visible” property for physical objects. So you could just hide them, but they’re still there.

You could kind of get away by using Transparency (or the other secret one, whatever it is), but I still wouldn’t want to rely on that.


It works fine, even if it crashed while transferring you could still reopen a game and disable it.


Looks amazing. Could be very useful for intensive game-building development.


I am a bit late to the party, but I decided to modify the original plugin with a bit of different functionality: Union Scopes. Mainly made it so I can fix odd results from mirror old unions (old CSG engine) where the planes of the negate parts are co-planer with the other parts.

Video demo:

Feel free to add this functionality to the original plugin, like merging the model and union buttons.


If you’re looking for standard shortcuts, Blender uses Shift+H to hide everything but the selection and Alt+H to show (unhide) all.