Model Setup Objects/ Filters

When you publish a model, if it’s a
Tool it usually ends up at the end users’ Starterpack.

If you create a
Model, it gets thrown in Workspace,

and a Skybox gets put in Lighting automatically.

But if we want a GUI to go in StarterGui, it gets put in Workspace.
If we want a script to go in ServerScriptService, it gets placed in Workspace.
This is annoying, and it also teaches bad habits to people who are experimenting with free models. (As many early developers do)

I would love if we could specify what directory things can go into. (with limitations so viruses can’t hide objects in hidden services)

Similarly to thumbnail cameras, if we could place an object inside specific models/ classes (maybe like a stringvalue named “PlaceInto”) that gives the name of the service it’d preferably like to be in inside its Value property… We’d get around this issue!

What if the tags automatically got deleted? Same should happen with ThumbnailCamera!

How about only the creator of a model could insert their model with tags in place? (And thumbnail camera automatically being set in perspective to what the model has it as)

We could have a little true/ false tickbox in the toolbox when searching under “My Models” that toggles whether you insert your model with the placement tags or not.

This is practical if you only want to use your own models and not have to deal with deleting all the tags, and it also lets you test out whether your placement tags work successfully. And this way, it allows you to insert the model WITH tags and modify scripts/ specific things you wanted.

It should default to true, because model owners who don’t know about this feature won’t run into the problem of having these tags in place all the time.

We should also get this setting when publishing a model:

If marked true, it looks through all direct descendants of the model for placement tags. If it finds one, it ignores it; if it doesn’t, it automatically creates one. So marking this will automatically do the process for you, ALONG with thumbnail camera. (This is just somewhat inconvenient to set up on your own)

This will make free model creation that much more convenient and user friendly.