Model to Accessory v1.0

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  • A plugin designed to convert a given model into an equippable accessory that can be used on characters!
  • This plugin can save the time of making an accessory by hand, editing the accessory attachment position/orientation, and simplifies the task



Consider the Top hat in the image above. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if we could make this model an accessory in a few clicks? Well now thats possible! To start, open up the Model to Accessory Plugin and press “Convert”.

Name a part inside the model “Handle” and select the model. The plugin should detect the model. Press Next to continue.

Select HatAttachment (Or any other of your choice) This attachment will be how your accessory is equipped on the character. Press Next to continue

A model will be inserted into workspace. Moving / Rotating the selected attachment will edit the converted Accessory. Lets rotate and position the hat correctly. NOTE: sometimes the rotation and position is messed up so you might need to play around with it a bit.

The hat is now fully ready to be converted! Press Next to finish the conversion.


By default, the original model will not be deleted. This can be changed in settings. Let’s try equipping the hat on a dummy and see what the result is.

It works! The one on the left is the original model, and the one on the right is the newly made accessory!


If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.
Make sure to share this with others as I would really appreciate the support!
Wouldn’t mind getting a follow as I have some more projects I’ll be making soon :wink:


Very cool idea, I’ll try it out myself in a bit! :+1:

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Very helpful! Love that idea. But I’m guessing it doesn’t upload to be a UGC item

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What do you mean? Sorry just don’t understand lol

Also, I’ll be gone for at least a few hours or for the rest of the day, if anyone has any questions just leave a message and I’ll respond by tmrw.

I think you forgot to post the link to the plugin.
Anyway this is the link Model To Accessory v1.01 - Roblox

This is a well functioning plugin, that i would definitely use for one of my later projects; the user interface looks good aswell. I would definitely recommend this if you are already good at moddeling.

Nice! You can make accessories! But my question is, how do you add it to the catalog without being a UGC creator? Cuz if you can’t upload it to the catalog, whats the point?

This is mostly meant for games with their own accessories, not for UGC creators.

Games can have accessories for the players in them?

Yep sorry I just fixed that lol

Okay so let me explain, this isn’t meant to be uploaded on catalog. Say for example you want to make armor for a player, it takes too long to weld each part to the player by hand, and remove it when needed. Instead, just turn each armor part into an accessory which can be easily equipped and removed on players :star:

Refer to this