Model uploading with the Mesh Importer should be optional and/or prompted to allow for revisional overwriting

As a Roblox developer utilizing the new Mesh Importer plugin, I tend to go through lots of revisions to a model that I’m working on, and I’ve observed that the new Mesh Importer likes to upload a public model onto my account for each mesh import I do, and there’s no way for me to archive any of this clutter.


It would be nice if these model uploads were optional and discretely handled. It would instead prompt you to upload the model if you want it to be uploaded and act like you right clicked on the model to publish it (rather than doing it all automatically). That way you could choose to overwrite an existing model and avoid spam uploads like these.


As a workaround, you can change the name to something that will get filtered (I use “555-5555”) to cause the upload to fail.