Modeled an M4A1 in blender

second AR-15 variant i have modeled


Great looks all good and clean. If this is for a police game you need to maker black.

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very cool M16 variant

The rail guard looks a bit plastic-y/solid and lacks depth, and the pattern looks a bit repetitive. Could be improved. Particularly if not by adding holes for this type (if it’s supposed to be that way), adding a more noticeable seam/separation from the barrel of the gun, which would make it look a lot more realistic.

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added a back view image of it for a better view (hello fellow 指揮官)

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We are both talented at making guns, but i think your a little better, our style is the same though. That is sick am planning to make a M4A1 soon, hopefully its as good as yours.

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I would also up the poly count of the cylinders on the back section a bit (even if not that noticeable)

(hello SKK)


There are no words.
Wait I found nine words.
Anyways, pls teach me how to do that.
Such a cool model. Noice work mate

I have one question, do you make the things like the bolt, handle and all not connected to the gun?

yeah, its easier to model it that way

Really nice, but the handle could use a bevel since it looks very sharp. Also the cylinders look very different in the back. One looks very smooth and the other looks like an octagon.