Modeler for Hire [0/5]

Hello! I am a Low / Medium Poly Modeler. I can also make few high poly models but usualy i make medium poly. Here are some models of mine:





Everything you saw here is for sale btw. (apart from scaffholding and crane)
If you are interested messege me here or on Discord: Scott Cawthon#5726

I accept only robux payment.

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Will you be able to model cars? Like a SWAT SUV (high poly). I know you only showed low poly examples but just asking if you can model supercars, airbus, cop cars etc.

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Not really but i can try to make one.

How much would you charge for an Airbus A380 with economy, business and first class seating?
Note: I don’t want it all in a single model, I want to be importable. Example: Like the rest of the cars and planes, not just a single mesh.

Maybe 20k for a plane, it is really hard to model High poly and make it have inside.