Modeler needed for new game{Closed}

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Added! Hope i could be some help if i could join!

Modeler needed, other modeler quit.

GFX, the last one.
(30 Characters)

I’m intrested, if you can pay in robux per asset or USD or little robux and percentage

Interested to fill the gfx artist position , Check my portfolio ArdominB | GFX Artist For Hire! (Closed)
Discord : Ay-Men#7917

Hey, ive had this problem too but you have had 2 other recruitment topics for projects and you seem to have abandoned them.

Yes, both will reopen I’m just focusing on this for now.

mHm, positions are opened again.

I have 2 years of modelling in blender, I am very good at making low-poly weapons. DM me if you are interested.

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