Modeling In The TDS Art Style Week 1


I’ma do like a new devlog of some sort where I try to model 3D Clothing on r6 Characters like the famous game Tower Defense Simulator does, I done this a while ago but I don’t think I was anywhere close to its artstyle but I think after a few months more of me using Blender I finally got the hang of it and learnt new techniques and this is what I have to show!


  • Tris - 5.8K
  • Time Spent - 2 Days

  • It’s Amazing :sunglasses:
  • It’s Good (Just a tad bit more improvement)
  • It’s Ok (Can use a lot more improvement)
  • It’s Bad (REDO IT)

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If you are able to please reply on how I can improve in a certain area, you’re not required to, it just helps me out more

The mesh itself looks good, but 5.8k triangles seems like quite a lot for a single character, especially if it’s intended for smaller characters such as towers in a TD game. It’s also hard to tell how it will look as a finished product until some textures are applied to it.

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I think it’s probably the solidify modifier I did that caused it to be soo many :sob:, but I’ll work on doing textures tomorrow and see how it goes.

Uhh I’m gonna come clean; I once made a singular vest for a charactcher

be prepared for your computer to explode

2 million vertices​:sob::sob::sob::skull: it wasn’t even good it was just a cube​:sob::pray:

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This model looks VERY good! Nice job on it!

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