Modeling Rocks in Blender

If you’re designing terrain, you’re going to need things like rocks to help fill the environment. Rocks are actually super easy to make in Blender.

Pro Tip: I also use this method for making borders around my maps.

Start by opening the default template in Blender.

Navigate to the modifiers tab. You can open this by clicking the wrench icon on your properties panel.

Once you’re there, you will want to add a Subdivision Surface modifier. Set the subdivision value anywhere from 3 to 5.

The higher your value is, the higher your triangles will be.

Your mesh should look something like this:

Next, you’ll want to add one more modifier called Displace. You will notice an option within the modifiers settings where you can add a texture. Click the new button.

Once you’re done, head to the texture panel. This is the button on the very bottom of the preferences tab. Your texture should already be loaded in. If it’s not, do so by simply pressing the icon to the left of the new button and click on your texture.

Navigate down to the type button. Click that and select Voronoi. The voronoi texture node was introduced to display the effect of when a hammer hits a piece of metal and dents, and things like that.

You should see something like this now:

You should not mess with the intensity value too much. Focus mainly on the size value.

We’re almost done:

After this, you can mess around with your vertices to get different sizes and shapes.

That’s it! Pretty easy. Only take a couple minutes to make a rock mesh. Hope this helps!


Found the CG Geek viewer.

That said, this workflow isn’t that great for ROBLOX as its heavily reliant on your initial subdivision and would likely be unnecessarily high poly if it is not followed by a decimation.


A friend taught me it a couple months ago. There’s multiple ways you can make rocks but I found this to be the easiest. You could do a beanbag simulation too.

I like to subdivide, and then bisect. It gives a much cleaner look, and gives you more control, but does take longer.