Modeling support needed

Hi guys. I have a problem. This problem has been probably faced by many modelers so the thing is I want to import by blender model into roblox studio with colour without breaking it down into pieces and then importing. So many of you might say that I need to import the texture separately. Now another problem arises that is how I put the texture into the mesh part and how can I get the texture of the entire model while in blender I can only see texture of a particular cube or sphere or you can say a particular part. So now I am facing these problems whose solutions I need
I now tried importing the file in fbx format but it does nothing.So this all I want to say and Pls help.

I am using blender 2.79b

I am just making the texture by UV then saving it after that exporting.Then Importing to roblox and it has the texture idk why i dont get any problems or you can make the UV and when you import to roblox and it doesnt have the colors you can just make your texture as decal to roblox and add the id as texture

Hope this helped

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@hakobmher Main thing is I do not now how to get the texture of the entire model

Here’s this tutorial, hopefully it helps, if not let me know.

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