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Human Preservation Accord - Ministry of Production

Hello there! I’m Codiyx, the owner and team lead of the Human Preservation Accord, a game with its inspiration drawing from many video games and works of fiction including; the SCP wiki, Frostpunk and the Mazerunner series.

Progress or questions regarding the group can be DM’ed to me. We have a team of 7 working on the game, and we are seeking to expand to 8.

About The Job

We are looking for a 3D modeller who specialises in armour (helmets, vestments, face coverings etc) and weaponry. You will get the opportunity to work in a low stress, collaborative and relaxed environment. Our dev’s real lives come before development, so this won’t be a stressful job.

We are looking for the following;


  • One set of CBRN protective gear with a gas mask,
  • One set of scouting gear, with light armour and desert camo with a helmet,
  • One set of close protection gear; mainly a black vest and beret,
  • One set of security gear with a riot visor. This gear should be very riot-unit orientated.


  • One M4A1,
  • One L85A2,
  • One supernova (shotgun),
  • One handgun.


We are paying USD. Other methods of pay can be discussed but this is our preferred method. All assets you create will be property of the Human Preservation Accord once paid for, and cannot be shared to any other user/s without express consent from myself. Payment is negotiable and due diligence will be taken to ensure both parties are satisfied with the price before commencing.

Contact Us

You can contact me over discord at codi#8889, or join this discord (Discord) and send me a message, otherwise I may not see you join.

No one under 13 will be considered due to discord’s ToS, sorry!

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