Modelling Feedback Fish

Give me some feedback on this model


That is sick!the texture is a 10/10,the model it self is also a 10/10,that model is really great!


This is so good! Love it. ( wish I could model something as epic)


?? its not a building and this category is creations within help and feedback

This is not building support, its help and feedback

looks pretty good, might tone it down just a little because moderation might be stupid and take it down

why would they take this down?

remember, its r o b l o x moderation.

yh not sure what thats supposed to suggest but ok

basically moderation bots are stupid.

I think he’s talking about the blood and conveying it really, really poorly

Pretty sure that amount of blood would be allowed on Roblox, as long as it’s not extremely violent and gory then it should be okay.

Then again, I haven’t thoroughly read the TOS since, like, 2012 so I might be wrong. You can never be too sure.

Personally, though, I think the model looks great! I really like the art style that it’s in.

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At first I didnt like it however looking at it longer it could totally fit into a styalized game

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They don’t bot moderate the devforum. It’s over 13, and all moderation is done by flagging and developer engagement team,which, I must say, is 10x better than all of Roblox moderation combined. This post will be fine.

im talking about regular roblox.

Oh yeah, um I doubt he’s going to import into roblox, but yea he should tone it down in that case.

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