Modelling + Texturing Artist for Hire (Previously worked for Knife Capsules)

For a full preview.

Links to Exact Items: - Neon Edged Side - Neon Edged Blade - Gem Blade - Antlers With Christmas Lights - Double Lightsaber (Texture by xChaotic, I dont know his full name, he is on twitter) - Alien Sword - Medieval Times - Unfinished Winged Blade (Concept by Toxinous, or L_ly on ROBLOX) - Snake Model - Unfinished Axe (Concept by Toxinous, or L_ly on ROBLOX)

I am working on being good with others, I can only get better by working with others, I am not a mean, useless, un-insightful, jerk who just wants to get payed, everything stated about me is true and I am working on it, it didn’t come without consequences I won’t ever forgive myself for.

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