Models are see through when adding auto smooth

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  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear) I am trying to make my model look smoother instead of flatter.
  • Hi there I am a roblox modeler and it is a bit challenging for me to make assets when I add smooth shading to them and they are see through, here is a piece of land I made and also it has smooth shading and auto smooth on it but when I import it to roblox it comes out as see through and glitched, this has happened with many of the assets I have made. image
  • What solutions have you tried so far? I have tried making it double sided but still it looks weird. I have also made all the meshes faces on correctly but still I am having the same issue. (Btw I have searched on google and the roblox wiki but no one seems to have the same problem as me)

You may then include any further details. This hasnt happpened to me ever till now for some reason when I lower down the smooth shading to make it more flat to the point you can see the polygons it doesnt have the problem. I really love the style I am going for and I dont want to make it flat.


I was going to suggest checking to see which way your ‘faces’ are pointing, but you mention you’ve already done that. I know Blender has a couple options to show the direction the faces are rendered.

Do you have all your edges combined, or are they separate for each face? If you have 2 separate edges between two vertices, one for each face, then they may be rendered strangely.

this has happened to me before, and i’m not sure why it did, but it could be because overlapping faces

idk but there isnt anything wrong with the faces its just only when i smooth them and add auto smooth, when i import it to roblox it just starts acting up.

Just to make sure your faces are actually pointing towards the right direction, please send a screenshot showing your mesh’s faces’ orientation.

One thing you could try is going to your Object’s Data Properties in Blender, go to Normals and next to the “Auto Smooth” option you will be able to adjust the smoothing angle. Try playing with that and exporting your mesh again.

Last solution I got for you is trying to export your mesh in a different format. You didn’t mention what type of format you exported it to but I will assume you used .FBX like most of us, if that’s the case then try exporting it to .OBJ and vice versa.

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This is how to go to Object’s Data Properties btw.

To make a part/model smooth, make the material smooth plastic if you can in roblox?

That’s not what auto smooth does. Auto smooth essentially makes corners between faces look smoother and it has nothing to do with texture, it’s about the polys of the mesh.


I use obj to export my models into roblox.

can you show the face orientation and send the .blend file if possible?

i lost the obj file for the mesh but i can make something like it again and send it to you.

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Then try using .FBX next time. Also, there is an auto recovery option on the top left corner of Blender if you click ‘File’, maybe your file is there. Also Roblox saves any meshes you upload to it’s platform in your inventory. You can download your mesh through Roblox studio by right clicking on it on the Explorer and Import it in a new Blender file as .OBJ

I am sorry that I haven’t been sending the OBJ, I have been busy with stuff. I should be doing it later today or probably tomorrow.

big test.obj (5.4 KB) here it is, I remade it and its having the same problem so let me know what goes on please.

Over all I see nothing wrong with your mesh.

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Thats weird cus for me it is acting up and looks glitched out.

Try re installing roblox studio, maybe something wrong happened during your installation and it’s causing you issues with importing meshes.

I recommend remaking your model (with extra caution on the topology). Sometimes when something doesn’t work, it’s better to make it from scratch (and I think it shouldn’t be that big of a deal especially that your mesh is relatively easy to replicate).

Yea it did not work rip, it might be a problem from blender itself so I will re install it later.

Yes to be honest, I noticed you have an older version of it. Currently Blender is on version 2.93 and you are still at 2.75 so hopefully re-installing it will solve your issue. Let me know if you need any more help.

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