Models monitor warnings

I hope this is the right category/place to post this. I haven’t seen anything else.

I have been making an RPG with a friend. I focus on modeling/building and non of us have gui/scripting knowledge. To keep it short we needed to add a tool shop so I looked on Youtube and found one by
BloxyHDD which he placed onto the toolbox. I placed it into another studio game to make sure it had no virus so I uploaded just the frames,GUI, etc to my profile but got an account warning for no reason.

Link to model (Tool Shop System - Roblox)

I want to try and appeal the warning as I got one for uploading meshes earlier as well and I don’t know if warnings will affect my account or will end up getting my account banned. I want to know:

What would even trigger my account to get monitored? the model didn’t contain TOS breaking stuff
Is it worth even worth it to contact Roblox and appeal?
What would be the best way to contact support if so?

Any ideas/help is appreciated.

The model was a virus, yes you can’t magically know If it’s not a virus or not, I’ll take a review on the model later but for now you should delete that shop model.

Probably this discord link in the “Instructions & Info” script. What did the warning say?

The warning mentioned an image but I haven’t found a good answer. Is it worth appealing? I don’t know if warning affects accounts much.

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Warnings don’t do much. Besides, the model does seem to be a violation of the “Community Standards”, so I think appealing might just make things worse for you.

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are you sure the warning came from the model?? you havent uploaded any images in the past, have you??

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I uploaded it and then 5 seconds later my studio stopped and my profile got the message so it has to be the model.

well, if you are sure that it was an image that got you banned, try checking your uploaded image library and see which asset got deleted. if the name isn’t something you recognise, then the ban probably came from a local image in the model that got uploaded when you imported it into studio.

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Did you upload model and model Image get u warn?
Like me example

Image got warn
Wth why is warning say in portugal

Warning didnt act anything to your account.
It just want you learn something from thing you did wrong for next time it will not happen to you again

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I’m sorry I don’t know how could an model give you an Warning, but for sure I didn’t have any intends of doing that, also the system is very old and sucks a lot, I’d use a different one rn