Models Snapping to Roof When Moved?

Hello everyone,
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been having this problem in studio. Often when I’m making something with a roof, I need to move/place models inside the building itself. However, when I try to move any models inside, they jump to the roof of the build.
Does anyone have an explanation/solution for this? It’s getting a bit irritating…

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Honestly I can’t really explain this myself. I can, however, offer a solution for it. The simplest way would be to use the move tool instead of the select tool to move things, and to turn collisions off if you haven’t already (collisions being on might be part of the problem as well).


This is a problem with just dragging a model or part.

You could move the roof away while you do the interior, or just use the move tool.

Roblox studio is avoiding collisions, so to avoid this problem, just turn collisions off.

When you drag a model with your mouse it is designed to place it ontop of objects in the way in the same way the Model:MoveTo() function works, I’m not claiming to know how the dragging feature in studio works, all i know is it can be very tedious placing objects that way. So in your case (as stated above) you are dragging it causing it to go above the objects in its way. Just use the move tool and drag it along the axis you want, moving it by dragging your mouse isn’t really the best practice when it comes to building as it can lead to things being misaligned.

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Press f while selecting the floor, adjust the camera angle if necessary by zooming in for better results.

If done correctly than you’ll achieve a similar result to this: