Models that do not have StreamingMesh LevelOfDetail property are being loaded as a StreamingMesh and never render correctly

My game, Aftermath, features a very large game world. 16,000 studs squared. We are using streaming enabled to have the world be rendered in in a more cost effective way for the players. We are also utilizing StreamingMesh LevelOfDetail for some models in our game (Mainly trees/large foliage). No buildings in our game use StreamingMesh, and they are all converted in to Roblox packages (there are many copies of each building in the game world).

Many times in the past I have encountered this issue. It seems intermittent, but today it is happening much more than normal. In the video linked below, you can see many houses in our world are being loaded as StreamingMeshes while not actually being configured as Streaming Meshes in studio. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue, when the player gets near this model, it is not actually being drawn as a normal model. It is maintaining its streaming mesh display. In the video you can see certain assets popping in and out of existence, this appears to be because we are putting a Highlight object in them, forcing them to render correctly. This seems to me that the model is loaded (streamed) on my client, so why is it not being drawn as expected?

Additionally, this is affecting some models and not others. In the video below, you can see that trees (that are farther away from me than the houses), are loaded in correctly.

Game Link:

Model in Studio:

Video of issue:

Expected behavior

I expect that if a model is being rendered as a StreamingMesh, when I get near it, it should not still be rendered as a StreamingMesh.

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Does this only happen in Studio? Or are you able to reproduce this clients on the published game?

Are you able to provide a repro place? Were the buildings ever set to use LOD?

This happens in studio and in the live game. The video in the OP is during a live play session. Many hands have touched these buildings, so it is possible that at some point they were made to be Streaming Meshes, but they currently are not.

I wish I could make it easy and get you a repro, but I myself am unable to reproduce it consistently. Behavior seems to change without any point of reference, so I don’t have many theories as to why it is happening.

For example, with this specific fire department model it happens quite frequently, but not every time I test:

If you notice in the explorer, there is another fire department (sharing the same package). The issue never happens to that one. We’ve probably put 500 hours in to just testing the map over the last year or so, so we have quite a bit of sample data to go off of. The majority of buildings do not have this issue. If we replace the building models, it seems to not happen as frequently.

Perhaps it has something to do with distance to origin, or distance to wherever my character spawned. This is a thought because this building is much farther away from origin and from any spawn point–But I can’t tell.

I believe you still have edit access to our games, from the last time you helped us debug these streaming oddities, feel free to poke around, if you wish. Totally up to you. If I am able to create some repro, I’ll definitely post it here.