Models won't unload

So I have this game that has a quite large map, and you traverse in by driving a train. A part streaming system is needed as to make the gameplay better. The map has many trees and for some reason, they won’t unload at all, even when the player is thousands of studs away. I am using roblox’s built-in streaming system. The trees are simple low poly meshes, and are set to atomic. I’m not quite sure what property could be affecting them.

do you mean they are disappearing from a very short distance? If you mean this, check your graphics quality

I’m betting you have all the trees in one model. If you do the game senses it as 1 item.
Try grouping trees into a bunch of smaller models to see if that helps.

fixed the issue. need thirty letters to close.

Please post exactly HOW you fixed the issue so if someone is searching for an answer on the forums for the same problem they’ll see your post marked as Solved and find out how you did it.

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