Moderated images still shown in the game

I found an image that is subject to moderation due to its explicit content, on the Store page this image does not load, everything is fine, but if you use its ID in games that load the images, it will load and be shown.

You can try using thumbs in the studio.

I have attached private content with the ID of the problematic image, so as not to spread shock content in the public.

Expected behavior

Image thumb id should fail to load in the games.

A private message is associated with this bug report

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Does this only occur with one specific one image ID? Just wondering because I couldn’t repro with others.


Can’t replicate with images that I know existed and were moderated at some point.

Are you sure that the image was actually moderated, and isn’t just hidden due to being offsale? (the new bad creator marketplace site hides all offsale assets)
Assets hidden due to being offsale usually show a “you need permission” page, but they can (and from my experience often do) show a 404 by mistake despite being unmoderated.


Maybe this is the problem, the image is most likely hidden, but due to the inability to report it, its ID will remain valid inside the games, which is a problem. I recently learned that violators have different types of communication, including Discord servers, where they can share such “protected” images.


Hi, we added a report button to the Store asset details page for non-Store assets.


I still can’t report the privated image, that can be used in the game. I have a tons of inappropriate adult images i can’t report because they privated.