Moderated Textures

I am trying to find out how to get moderation approval for some of my mineral textures that keep getting removed, and I even had to reactivate my account after one.
I saw in a post from 2020, this link was given…
But the link will not work for me.

Does anyone know how to appeal a moderation?

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Happened to me only an hour ago, simple metal texture color map got the roblox moderation treatment, and I’m waiting on a reply.

Message mod review requests to see about getting it unblocked.

Thanks for the reply, mine is a metal texture map also. But I’m not sure if ‘mod review requests’ would be the proper place to request this? Is there not an official way to get an asset unlocked?

I’ve had a few audios approved before. It is a moderated asset, after all.
If they find something wrong with it they’ll give you a reason, and if not they’ll most likely manually approve it.

Ok, thanks, I submitted the request to them. Probably a slow reply due to the weekend, though its not critical, considering pbr in beta anyway.

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