Moderated twice within the past week for harmless images

Just today, I got my account banned for 1 day after uploading a red variant of the grenade image seen in Roblox’s endorsed models. The Original image is basically what I attached, but green.

About a week ago, I got a warning for uploading a thumbnail to my game “Destroy Roblox HQ” which has no bad intentions. Not to mention a very similar version of the thumbnail got accepted a month ago. I just made the color of the logo a tiny bit darker. My guess is that since my game has that name, Roblox didn’t like it?

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What I’ve done so far is sending an appeal to Roblox support right after I got banned for a day. I still don’t understand how my grenade image got me banned.

My Question:

If I’m going to be uploading multiple harmless images of weapon models to Roblox, is there anything I can do to prevent them, and me from getting moderated in the future?



Maybe you got noticed because your images say “destroy roblox hq” lol

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As far as I see it, it’s up to Roblox, since for the most part their moderation is automated.

Just try to appeal it as much as you can, and cross your fingers.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yeah I noted that in the original post, over the years the game has been up, I uploaded other game icons containing the same text, they didn’t get moderated.

Yeah. I understand. Once, I got moderated for using a germ image as a placeholder for my gamepass. I was gonna change the image but roblox is fast!

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I had this problem, and i solved it sending a PM to @ Mod_Review_Requests with the assets that were wrongfully moderated

Simply send them a PM with the link of the moderated assets and the original images, and they will revert the moderation action


For issues relating to asset moderation, message the Moderation Review Requests group here on the DevForum with a link to the moderated item. They will be able to give your content a second look and approve it for the site or explain why it was taken down.

Not correct, please don’t spread misinformation. Automation only helps filter the queue, decisions for assets are still made by human moderators.


Any evidence that this is true?

Since “bots handle automation” is a speculated claim the burden of proof would actually be on the person making this claim because often this rumour is provided unsubstantiated. It doesn’t take much effort to do your own research - that is, Roblox specifies to what degree automated tooling is involved in the moderation process both through their knowledgebase and their SEC filing.

Roblox employs both moderation technology systems and a team of moderators to pre-review content and reports of violations of our Community Rules and Terms of Use.

Roblox Community Rules. Section II (“Additional Rules for Developers”), Rule 5: Reporting Issues. Accessed 29 May 2021.

Multiple systems are integrated into the Roblox Platform to promote civility and ensure the safety of our users. These systems are designed to enforce our policies, protect users’ personal information, and abide by local laws. We leverage text-filtering, content moderation systems, and automated systems to proactively identify behaviors that may violate our policies. A human review team is continuously operating to evaluate flagged experiences. During the nine months ended September 30, 2020, our human review team evaluated over 68 million assets. Assets refer to images, meshes, audio files, and video files that developers upload to Roblox to include in their experiences. Roblox operates a customer service portal that profiles self-help information along with ways to contact Roblox via email or from within the Roblox Client. In the nine months ended September 30, 2020, Roblox responded to over 9 million customer inquiries and had a human respond to all actionable safety issues within 10 minutes of their submission on average.

Roblox SEC Filing 2020. PROSPECTUS SUMMARY, Our Products and Technology, Safety. Accessed 29 May 2021.

No, there’s no evidence that “moderation is handled by bots” is true. Yes, Roblox does clearly state that they use bots only for filtering content, prescreening and helping to sort issues in the queue for human action both in a help page and a legal document by obligation.


Sorry, didn’t know. Thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:

These are a little controversial, it isn’t a ONE DAY ban, but probably not the cleanest images.

Update: I’m now back into my account after the ban. I changed 1 pixel of the grenade image and uploaded it on an alt, which seemed to work lol. I’ll be sure to take the moderation review group into consideration and thanks everyone for your help!

I think the name “destroy roblox hq” I not appropriate for roblox because it’s like sending hate to them. They main word is destroy that is kind of like a threat to them. For the grenade one I think it is because it is combat and just now roblox has started going crazy with there bans so I recommend you use a trusted free model for it.

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Yeah I definitely notice your first point. Whenever I publish a game icon/thumbnail for the game it has some chance of getting moderated. I’m just wondering how I would be able to communicate that the game has no bad intentions.

For example look at adopt me’s thumbnail it’s all happy with no signs of harm. However like arsenal it is a shooting game most of the thumbnail’s don’t feature shooting. So you can do like a character of the game with a thing in its hands that can do harm but don’t do a combat thumbnail.

Try putting small random noise in you picture somewhere. That’s usually is sure to trip up the AI into think it is safe. Sometimes.

Here was an example of when the AI failed to recognize this stop sign.

The AI thinks it is a 45mph sign.

That is if they are using bots.